Ahad, 29 Mac 2009

Can boys and girls be “friends”? jz frenz?

salam pembuka bicara..salam pembuka bicara..

Guys, mens, boys.. All mean the same to certain extend.

There r some who r suitable b jz frenz wit. I cal them d buddy type. Shopping, gossip n watch movies wit dorang. Bila bercakap tentang our men, they would totally listen n comment accordingly. it's cool 2 hv men s ur bez buddies simply bcz they hv a whole differnt perception of everything. dun get me wrong.. I'm not saying dat gurl fren r not cool. It's jz dat men rationalize n look at things differently. It's good 2 look at things from both sides, rite? It's rather refreshing sumtime bcz we get advise about men from a man.

Now, here comes d type of man who gives u all d above kind of feeling. It's d boyfren material. Camne ak tau?? Well, ak believe in a woman's instincts. It's very powerful, so use it!! They r d men whom u would do anything for. He makes u feel special bcz there is some unexplainable connection btwn u n him.

The boyfren cn make u feel jeles 4 no substantial reason. Caught him looking at another girl n u would throw tantrum. But if ur male buddy does dat, u would be totally supportive bout it.

The facade is lagi satu type. U both r jz fren but deep inside, u r act 'mad' bout him but hv no guts wat so ever 2 confess. Toughest category. Hahaha... Confess or risk losing a fen? Conceal n hv ur heart broken every tym he talks bout another girl he fancies? Both way u lose...

rse cm watch gol n gincu the series plk..huhu...

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